Brain map (below)







                                                                                                                  sLoreta images


 What is the process?

  • A person who is going to participate in neurofeedback training sessions will start by answering several questions about their symptoms, treatment history, and lifestyle.

  • It may be useful to do a qEEG - a Quantitative Electroencephalogram- brain scan which produces a series of  visual “brain maps”.

  • An EEG is done and the recording gets sent to a data base - qEEG Pro - where it is analyzed.


  • Twenty, non-invasive electrodes/ or sensors attached to a cap/ loose electrodes are placed on the client’s scalp to record brain wave activity. The electrodes do not hurt and they do not deliver an electrical current into the brain.


  • Hair should be washed the night before and no conditioner is to be applied please. A gel is used to clean the scalp and then a conductive paste put onto each electrode to get the best reading of brain waves as possible.       


  • After the qEEG you will receive a report and an individualized treatment plan and neurofeedback training will begin.



     ¥70 000 qEEG in advance before neurofeedback training begins.


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Recording an EEG using
electrodes (below)

neurofeedback cap image.jpg

Recording an EEG using caps (above)