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Assessments and procedure

Reasons to assess your child 

● Avoids reading 

● Does not fulfill his/her potential in school 

● Makes consistent errors in reading, spelling and math 

● Is clumsy or has awkward motor skills 

● Is sometimes inappropriate or exhibits insensitive social behaviors 

● Was slow to learn to read 

● Spoke later than peers in his native language 

● Tries to avoid going to school 

● Struggles to complete timed tasks 

● Struggles to focus or concentrate 

● Struggles to find the right word when having a conversation 

● Struggles to organize things at home and/or school 

● Struggles to understand word problems in math 

● Struggles to completes writing tasks 

● Struggles to remember what was said or read 

● Struggles to understand what was just said or read 

● Struggles to follow oral or written directions 

● Struggles to interacts with others 

​School Contact

- Teachers input
- Collaborate and advice for school.

After an in-depth assessment, interventions from a range of therapies to learning programs are recommended. 

​Educational Services

- Assessment/ Evaluation

- Brain maps. qEEG


- Learning Difficulties

- Cognitive Testing

 Difficulties such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Specific Learning Disability (SLD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), mood disorders and anxiety are evaluated.


For children and adolescents, the assessment includes:

  • Interview and questionnaires with the child/adolescent and parent

  • Application and scoring of psychological tests

  • Interview and questionnaires with teacher/s (if necessary)

  • Feedback and advice for the child, parents and school

  • A written report


For adults, the evaluation includes:

  • Interview with the client (and with a third party if required)

  • Application and scoring of psychological tests

  • Feedback & advice to the client

  • A written report


Procedure for an assessment/evaluation.

  1. Assessment is recommended and/ or requested. 

  2. Parents and teachers complete relevant forms. Kindly return to me before the appointment to ensure the most effective evaluation process. 

  3. Assessments are conducted at the practice on a Saturday. The feedback meeting will take place anytime during my office hours.

  4. The assessment takes up to 8 hours or over 2 days. Regular breaks are had to ensure the child doesn't tire.  

  5. Please make sure your child has had breakfast and send lunch a snack and something  to drink.

  6. If your child is on medication for behavioral or emotional concerns, the medication must be taken as usual.

  7.  Some weeks after the testing, a feedback and report meeting will be held to discuss results and recommendations.  




Comprehensive/ Full evaluation- ¥320 000 inclusive of all services and tax.

Individual domain testing is also available. Please contact me with your specific needs, advice and for pricing.

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